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ORTHODOX-CULTURE.COM is a specialized e-store which aims in collecting rare orthodox objects and products and information concerning the orthodox culture on a worldwide basis.
Unique items All products presented in the online store are handicrafts that are made exclusively in one monastery or in one Orthodox region. They are not to be found in the local church shop - which, in fact, makes them a wonderful gift.
Easy and fast check-outShopping with is very simple. Ease and comprehensible catalog, clear descriptions and a one-minute check-out - these were our goals when we were creating the site (and what we continue to work on every day).
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Our central office is in Greece. The postal services work perfectly here: at a relatively low cost, and in just 2-3 weeks our parcels are delivered to the most remote corners of the planet. You can also choose the courier delivery method and receive the goods within a few days. интернет- магазин православной атрибутики
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