ORTHODOX-CULTURE.COM is a specialized e-store which aims in collecting rare orthodox objects and products and information concerning the orthodox culture on a worldwide basis.

The vortal is dedicated to the orthodox population of the whole world and also to rare item collectors and scholars. The items of our e-store are unique creations that are only made in one single region of our planet, or only in one Orthodox monastery. One won’t find them in a local store – and this is what makes them unique.

ORTHODOX-CULTURE.COM is a result of an international effort made by a team of translators, cultural and religious scientists and programmers, all of whom share a common vision: To present the distant orthodox monasteries of Russia to the Greek people and also present the precious Byzantine artifacts and religious icons of Greece to the Russian people.  Furthermore, we aim to draw the entire world’s attention toward our common orthodox heritage and its wonders. Our aims are difficult to accomplish but at the same time they are compelling and fascinating as our task is literally endless.

Already through our vortal, you may discover information about the distant Holy monasteries and artifacts of international Orthodoxy. We urge you to subscribe to our newsletter and receive updated articles on worldwide Orthodox monasteries in your personal email.

Very soon, in our Web pages, you shall find information on religious tourism programs by international tour operators and specialized tourist agencies.

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